Sam Feldt Interview: Summer Plans, Music, and More!

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Happy fourth of July everyone! I have a special interview for you today.

At Spring Awakening I had the chance to catch up with Sam Feldt, a preeminent figure in the tropical house genre and the Netherlands dance music scene. In the interview Sam talks about his radio show, Heartfeldt radio, the summer tour, his recent collaboration with Möwe (Down for Anything), staying healthy on tour, and much more! I particularly enjoyed this conversation because I am very fond of Sam's music. His remix of Hedegaard's Happy Home remains one of my favorite house tracks to this day. I conducted this interview a couple weeks ago, and since then Sam was in a scooter accident. The accident has left him with a broken knee and some other substantial injuries, so I am wishing him a speedy recovery and I hope he is back to full strength soon. The accident will undoubtedly affect his touring plans, but I expect his single release schedule for the summer to remain the same, and I imagine he will bounce back very quickly.

In the meantime, check out our conversation here:


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Sam's performances--both at the Equinox main stage as well as the Corona Stage--came off the heels of his debut album, Sunrise to Sunset, which he released towards the close of 2017. Though the album has been out for a while, it contains 24 original tracks, which necessitate multiple listens and some time to digest. But more importantly, the album seems to come into its stride as we reach the heart of the summer season. With energetic guitar soaked tracks like Be My Lover and Fade Away, the records off the album seem to encapsulate the positive, lively atmosphere that the summer brings. Beyond the album itself, Sam Feldt has followed up with a remix compilation entitled After the Sunset which includes remixes from the likes of Toby Green, Zonderling, Redondo, and King Arthur. In the past couple months, Sam has kept up the pace with several single releases. The most recent being Where's My Love with American singer songwriter, Brian Fennell (SYML). I actually played this song in the intro and the outro of the podcast!


I had a great time talking with Sam; I hope you enjoy the interview and check out his music!



Landon Sea