Markus Schulz Interview at Spring Awakening Music Festival

I sat down with Markus Schulz before his set at Spring Awakening to discuss his side-project, Dakota, the start of the summer festival season, the Chicago trance community, and much more!

In the Soundcloud link provided, Markus discusses: 

  • The strength of the Trance family in Chicago. In Markus Schulz's words: "the Trance family in Chicago is very strong. I think it’s one of the healthiest trance scenes in the united states…It’s always a great time here.”


  • How the trance stage at Spring Awakening serves as a point of contact for the broader electronic community and can convert casual EDM fans to the sub-genre. 


  • Playing sets in the club vs. on the festival stage: preparation & style.


  • Finding inspiration in moments of darkness: how the traumas of 2017, especially the Pulse Nightclub shooting, deeply affected Markus's songwriting and encouraged him to take a step back, contemplate, and ultimately write a powerful album to emotionally process the confusion and pain.


  • His upcoming album: We Are the Light. A perspective on how we can be the difference for the future of trance music, and more broadly, the future of our society.

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